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What's in your gym bag?

22. February 2016

I have become very ritualistic with my gym routine. I love working out. I love sweating and burning off stress. I feel re-newed. I also have very sensitive skin, and for me it is critical to shower as soon as I finish working out, otherwise I get super itchy and will break out head to toe! These goodies have become my gym favorites this winter. They  keep my scalp and hair healthy, my skin blemish free, and my body perfectly hydrated.


1. Ginger Lemongrass Volumizing  Shampoo and Conditioner

Besides the amazing, clean herbal aroma of ginger and lemongrass, This shampoo fully removes sweat and excess oil from my scalp and hair without stripping hair color. The conditioner works through my waist-length ends quickly, detangling, and hydrating. I like to leave this conditioner in while I complete the rest of my routine so that it acts like a mini-mask. By the end, my hair feels really clean and refreshed, without feeling weighed down. On extra dry days, I'll use a quarter size amount and run it through my ends after towel drying as an extra hydrating leave in treatment.


2. Black Diamond Polish

This is my anti-breakout skin savior. This scrub has changed my life. The scent reminds me of being down the shore with the salt water and sea grass. The activated bamboo charcoal and bentonite clay pull out every last bit of sweat and oil from my skin. I use it gently on my face as well as my whole body. It's castile soap based and oil free, hydrating with raw honey. Post workout is the best time to exfoliate, especially if you're prone to break outs because the heat and sweat softens congestion in the skin and allows the exfoliator to work its magic, pulling out black heads and reducing inflamed acne. If you're skin is on the dry side, the Purifying Facial Polish is a great alternative.

3. Gentle Face + Body Cleanser and Essential Moisture

The Gentle Face + Body Cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin. The oils combined with gentle castile soap to thoroughly clean without stripping moisture from the skin. Lathers well for a shaving cream, and has a delicate aroma. The Essential Moisture lotion is the final bit of my ritual. I use it on my face and body. It absorbs very quickly, has a cool feeling to it which feels amazing after a really intense work out, and keeps my skin balanced and hydrated from top to toe.


These multi-taskers are my gym must haves. What are yours? Leave them in the comments below!  


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