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Skin and Hair care tips for Holiday Party Perfection!

02. December 2015

 The Holiday Season is officially upon us! Family gatherings, office parties, and New Years romance are just a few of the things we look forward to. We have that perfect dress, schedule our blow out, and maybe add a little shimmer to our make up routine. How can you ensure you have the perfect holiday look? Make sure your skin care routine is up to par, and your hair is well cared for

Before heading to the salon or styling at home, we recommend masking or deep conditioning hair at least once a week. Our Orchid Rose Conditioner or Ginger Lemongrass Conditioner are formulated to restore hydration and strength for damaged or color treated hair, or for fine oily hair types respectively. For deep conditioning, its best to leave the conditioner on the hair up to 30 minutes, while wrapped in a plastic cap, followed with a hot towel. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly. As an added bonus, prep hair with our Orchid Rose Hair Elixir or our Ginger Lemongrass Detangling Spray to protect hair from further heat and styling damage during the week. The silk amino acids in these products will work with the heat to bind to the damaged areas of the hair cuticle, while sealing in moisture, and won’t weigh hair down.

For perfect make up prep, we invited Christina Lamardo, a licensed Esthetician and professional make up artist, to share her tips.

"We all want that healthy, radiant glow and these cool temps will sure enough leave your skin dry, flaky, and blotchy. Exfoliation is key to not only get a smooth, natural looking finish to your foundation, but to help the skin receive optimal hydration by gently exfoliating dead skin cells while also improving overall skin tone.”

For the perfect exfoliation, try our Advanced Dermafoliant. The lactic acid from goat’s milk and the physical exfoliants of flower petals offers softness without over drying. Follow with our Rejuvenating Facial Oil for optimal hydration and you will have a flawless make up application every time.

What about those late night get togethers and over-indulgent office parties? Here’s another tip from Christina:

“Alcohol can exaggerate wrinkles, dark circles and cause puffiness around the delicate eye area making you look extra tired! Lymphatic drainage massage is a fail-proof technique to help stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness. Using Skin Renaissance Lotus Eye Balm, gently press the pads of your index and middle finger from the inner corner of eye (tear duct) up toward the brow several times, this is helping loosen the lymph, and then finish with a sweeping motion which helps push the loosened lymph so the body can expel. Repeat along the lower lid and apply a peachy-toned concealer, focusing on the inner corner and stoping about half way right under the pupil. Using the warmth of your finger or concealer brush blend concealer toward the outer corner of the eye and finish with a cool toned highlighter in the tear duct to give a brightening effect to the entire eye area."

Have questions or comments? Leave them in the space below. Have a happy and beautiful holiday season!

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