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Make up and skin care tips to be Wedding Ready

He asked, you said yes…Now say “I do” to your best skin!Start EarlySkin health and restoration does not happen overnight so it is important to begin a consistent skincare routine months before your big day. An average “skin cycle” is about six weeks. During this time, your skin will adapt to the new products you are using and healthy, more youthful skin will begin to appear. Getting a jump start on your skin care also allows time to make adjustments to any products you are not getting result...
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Eat salmon for glowing skin

Eating certain foods can really impact your skin. We are already aware that fried and sugary foods negatively affect our skin causing premature aging, breakouts, and dermatitis, but did you know certain foods can boost your skin's healthy glow? Enter Salmon. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, skin firming DMAE, and antioxidant astaxanthin.  Omega 3 fats are vital for skin hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits. This nutritional power house added to your diet regularly can make a huge ...
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What's in your gym bag?

I have become very ritualistic with my gym routine. I love working out. I love sweating and burning off stress. I feel re-newed. I also have very sensitive skin, and for me it is critical to shower as soon as I finish working out, otherwise I get super itchy and will break out head to toe! These goodies have become my gym favorites this winter. They  keep my scalp and hair healthy, my skin blemish free, and my body perfectly hydrated.   1. Ginger Lemongrass Volumizing  Shampoo and Conditione...
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Skin and Hair care tips for Holiday Party Perfection!

 The Holiday Season is officially upon us! Family gatherings, office parties, and New Years romance are just a few of the things we look forward to. We have that perfect dress, schedule our blow out, and maybe add a little shimmer to our make up routine. How can you ensure you have the perfect holiday look? Make sure your skin care routine is up to par, and your hair is well cared for.  Before heading to the salon or styling at home, we recommend masking or deep conditioning hair at least on...
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Are you Shampooing correctly?

  The most common concern with women's hair is breakage and fall out. There are many factors that contribute to this- including diet and heat styling- but one of the biggest culprits is your shampoo and conditioning habits. Sulfate free shampoos and conditioning hair cleansers have hit the market full force, and for good reason. Sulfates create those super rich suds we've come to love so much, however they strip the hair of all its oils and lead to damage. Its not just sulfates causing the i...
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Beauty and the Stress: how to cope with skin concerns during difficult times

     We've all had times when life was crazy and out of control, and not always in a bad way! Maybe its school time and life is hectic with kids, and homework, and sports. Maybe you're getting married! Whatever is causing your stress, it can take a serious toll on your health and show up on your skin in a variety of ways. When my son became sick, I wasn't sleeping, my diet was whatever was quick, the gym was nill, and I survived on coffee. I looked in the mirror and saw dark circles, and my ...
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Misconceptions of Age-Related Skin Care

I was talking to my mother today about her skin. She loves using the Skin Renaissance Gentle Face and Body Cleanser and the Rejuvenating Facial Oil, but she asked me "What else should I be doing for my skin since I'm over 40?" and I replied with, "Skin care isn't based on age, it's based on concerns." Most of the clients I consult with bring their age into the conversation: "Well, I'm in my 30's now." or "My daughter is ONLY 13." Back a couple generations ago, people were educated on how to ...
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