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Activated Bamboo Charcoal For Skin: Yay Or Nay?

  Some people might feel weird when applying soot to their skin for cleaning it. But charcoal is the key to leaving your skin baby soft and for achieving a crystal clear skin with cleaner pores than ever. Charcoal is not just for barbecue, it has wiggled its way into the commercial beauty market on a massive scale.  The activated bamboo charcoal, which is used in the beauty sector, is actually quite different from the normal pieces of charcoal that we use for smoking our rib eyes. Activated ...
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Preservatives: Do we really need them in our beauty products?

Preservatives: Why they are necessary to keep us safe!     I was searching through pictures on Instagram the other day and came across some comments that shocked me. On one Instagram, the comments were bashing "preservative free" (and you'll find out later why i put that in quotations) beauty product companies because of the safety and health risks involved in not preserving a product containing water. On another account, the Instagrammer was blogging about how awful it is that "organic" com...
October 28 2015 0 Continue reading

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